Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been around for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, their origin is not entirely clear. There is evidence that challenge coins were used to demonstrate membership or affiliation with a specific organization, nation-state, or army. Achievements were also recognized using durable, and oftentimes valuable, coins. This was the case during the Roman empire. Today challenge coins are still used throughout each branch of the military but they have also made a large presence in other organizations and entities. Many organizations will generate challenge coins to reward meritorious work within the organization or even to exchange with a partner entity.

Challenge coins can be a great incentive or morale boost. The way in which they are given out today varies greatly between and among organizations. Be on the lookout for the Heart of Texas RAC challenge coins in our region. These coins feature our logo and name on one side and the region (Trauma Service Area M) on the other. The region is surrounded by the words “People”, “Service”, and “Community. These words illustrate what the RAC and its member organizations stand for, promote, and practice on a daily basis. The mission and vision guides each person’s resolve to continually serve the community in which we live and work.

No matter the use or cause for challenge coins, one this is for certain, they’re super cool!