All About HOTRAC and Our Work in Heart of Texas

The first thing to know about HOTRAC in the Heart of Texas, is what Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) are. They are administrative bodies responsible for trauma system oversite within the bounds of a given service area in Texas. HOTRAC is the administrative body in Trauma Service Area M (TSA M). Each of the 22 RACs is tasked with developing, implementing, and monitoring a regional emergency medical service trauma system plan. Generally, RAC stakeholders are comprised of healthcare entities and other concerned citizens interested in improving and organizing trauma, emergency, and time-sensitive healthcare.

As such, an important fact to remember about HOTRAC is that not every Regional Advisory Council is structured the same. However, each RAC has the same objectives--to reduce the incidence of injury through outreach & education, data collection, data analysis, and performance improvement. Typically, this is accomplished via educational programs and performance improvement efforts designed to offer every provider the guidance and motive to reduce trauma and enhance patients’ outcomes.

HOTRAC 990 Tax Return Independent Audit 2022 BYLAWS 2021 Emergency Healthcare System Plan

Board of Directors


Holly Ivy, BSW - Hillcrest

Vice Chair

Sarah Wyatt, Limestone Medical Center


Heather Hamilton, AMR Waco


Nicole Hogan, BSW - Hillcrest

Immediate Past Chair

Lori Robb, BSW - Hillcrest

BSW--Hillcrest Representative

Dr. Bill Morgan, Trauma Medical Director

Ascension Providence Representative

Russell Etheridge, Trauma Program Manager

Rural Hospital Representative

Susan Popp, Hill Regional Hospital

City of Waco Representative

Deputy Chief Robby Bergerson, Waco Fire Department

Rural EMS Representative

Brent Rudd, Mexia Fire & EMS

First Responder Representative

Jason Graves, Woodway Department of Public Safety

Emergency Management Member-at-Large

George Nunez, Baylor University


Dr. Andrew Day, Waco Cardiology Associates

Community Member-at-Large


Community Member-at-Large


Community Member-at-Large

Det. Whitney Mathias, Robinson Police Dept.

Perinatal Representative

Sunny Deeds, Ascension Providence

EMS Provider Waco/McLennan County

Rick Pringle, AMR Waco