The details of Joining Heart of Texas RAC

HOTRAC is proud to work with many local organizations to improve the lives and care of trauma patients. To that end, we’ve included the details of what’s required to participate in our medical advisory council in Heart of Texas, so you can join our work. We count on each member to carry out our services and help fulfill our mission. Click here to contact us about joining the Heart of Texas RAC.

HOTRAC Membership Participation Requirements:

  • Will have representation at 75% of general assembly meetings.
  • Will participate in an appropriate standing committee and will have representation at 75% of that committee’s meetings.
  • Will submit information into the State EMS and trauma registry.
  • Will submit required performance improvement data as requested and attend any meeting when the agency has a case under review.
  • Will demonstrate participation in at least one HOTRAC prevention activity annually and submit documentation of such.
  • Will participate in one community disaster preparedness drill and provide proof of participation.
  • Will have physician representation at 75% of physician advisory committee meetings for appropriate designations/treatment capability.
  • Will submit required performance improvement data as requested and attend any meeting.
  • Each member entity will complete an annual regional needs assessment.
  • Membership dues must be paid in full annually.
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