Virtually the Same

It’s been nearly a whole year since we all adopted new practices to accomplish even the most basic tasks. Remember when video conferencing was a cool alternative to in-person meetings? Remember how you never even once thought about toilet paper stocking levels or store stocking schedules? Until you did. A lot.

While we’re no longer experiencing extraordinary secondary effects of pandemic response activities there are some changes that have become completely normal. Virtual meetings are expected, easy, and now accessible to practically everyone. There are so many options available for organizations of all sizes and lots of free options that exist. Cost of this type of software is no longer a barrier like it once was. Virtual meetings have also reduced the amount of time we put into commuting. The physical paperwork we print has also decreased with virtual meetings. Unless, of course, participants elect to print out their materials. Overall, we’ve discovered a lot of positive outcomes with these changes.

We’ve heard for months now how much people actually miss meeting in-person. We miss it, too! There is definitely no substitute for the collegial atmosphere when mission-driven healthcare professionals come together. For now, we’ll continue to make it work. So remember to pick a cool virtual background, mute your mic if you’re not speaking, and get ready to participate. We look forward to the day when we’re all able to safely gather. 

The first series of appointments has already gone out for our first quarter meetings.